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When it comes to the bare necessities required to survive in a world that’s dominated by con-artists, criminal masterminds, and burglars, locks and keys act as your first line of defense. The idea of existence of a building without locks and keys, is absurd, to say the least. So where do people go wrong? Why are we still battling hundreds of cases of break-ins or burglary every day? For an answer, take a closer look at your locks. When was the last time you’d upgraded them? 

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The security industry has come up with a string of strategic solutions and devices that could help tip the odds in your favor and prevent any unauthorized person from intruding upon your space. Despite the available options, the heavy price tag associated with such components and the associated charges levied by locksmiths for installation has prevented several residents and businesses from availing these features. If costs have always held you back from upgrading your security with high-security solutions, then here’s some good news: Florence KY Locksmith Store in Florence, KY area offers comprehensive locksmith and security solutions at budget-friendly prices

Easy key copying? Not anymore

Florence KY Locksmith Store Florence, KY 859-488-1766Did you know? A large majority of break-in cases involve burglars gaining entry to properties using spare keys or copy keys. In fact, a few unlicensed hardware stores, discreetly make copies of keys and sell them to interested parties. Imagine a bunch of keys to your front door’s lock in circulation. Can you rest easy knowing that someone can easily use a copied key to gain entry to your property? This is where the use of high-security keys is highly recommended.

High-security keys: A popular security solution

It is extremely difficult to duplicate high-security keys making it nearly impossible for any unauthorized sources to lay their hands on a copy of your key. Transponder keys are one such example of high-security keys deployed for cars. There are also keys stamped with a “Do not Duplicate” tag and restricted keys available, where unauthorized production of the key blank is prohibited. Many keys also have special in-laid features, such as small computer chips, magnets to prevent duplication.

Go keyless with high-security locks

Perhaps, the best security feature you can arm your property with is a high-security lock that requires no keys! Yes, you’ve read that right! Digital locks and number keypad locks come equipped with keyless access solutions. All you need is the right passcode to lock/unlock the door. There are also other smart locks you can explore, which are Bluetooth-enabled, voice/touch-activated, among others.

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